bring your own ideas

Are you seeking a web development company that will actually listen to what you are looking for? Are you tired of being offered below-par solutions that don't do what you want? Together we can bring your ideas to life. Our focus is on identify your needs, finding the most suitable approach and building your project to your needs. We are called bring your own ideas because that's what we want our clients to do. Simply get in touch and let's talk about your ideas and the optional ways of getting your project off the ground.

making progress

At some point every successful business needs to improve their web presence and processes to stay on top. If you haven't got in-house IT team to rely on you will need to work with a contractor or vendor. Like any engagement this comes with it's own set of challenges. IT is more complex than the polished apps and web application would tell. You will need a partner who is asking you the right questions to get to the core of your needs and who understands your long term goals.

bring your own ideas aims to bridge the gap between your idea and reality. Our team is committed to bring your vision of your new website or software project to life. Simply get in touch and let's talk about your ideas.

open source for you

Are you surprised about the fast growing number of high quality online-software products built by solo entrepreneurs and small teams? We aren't. Open source is part of the secret sauce. With an incredible wide and complex system of open source projects you can build professional applications much faster than just a few years ago. You are building on the shoulders of giants like Facebook, Google and millions of highly skilled developers from around the globe.

Our experience will help you navigating the open source ecosystem to find the right starting point for your open application or website. We cut development effort down to a minimum by using the right starting point for your existing application.

end-to-end support

Once the development is finished and the site is online we are done, right? Not really. It's only one step. After the development itself is completed the website or application should at least receive some basic love to make sure you staying online and everything is secure. Usually we are taking care of this as part of our hosting options. We also get in touch regularly to see if we can help you with problems. If you expect us to forget about you after your project is completed, you are in for a surprise!

From simple websites to sophisticated online-applications we are supporting a wide range with custom agreements. As part of the development process we will discuss your needs and recommend you the optimal approach.